Wednesday, 26 October 2011

The first collection is here!

Well it's been six months in the making (and the translating) but the very first Sawyer's Place exclusive washi tape designs are now here. Since arriving on Monday 58 rolls have flown out the door, a sure sign that our biggest fans are as in love with the elegant and stylish patterns as I am.  And 12 of those have gone to buyers who've not been beaten over the head with my blog and facebook posts about them so they're clearly speaking for themselves.

So if you haven't seen them here they are. First up in the Ophelia collection is Regal Damask, a classic black on white elegant design.

And her partner is called Insanity Script. A dark black tape with a vintage feel script printed in white, it's hard to tell amidst the 'crazy' scrawl but there are in fact 7 different prints in this pattern, and if you can tell me what any of them say I'd love to hear it.

Each roll is 15mm wide and 15 metres long, after much thought I have committed to having our line of tapes all be 15m long.  I know that the major manufacturers of washi tape have downsized to 10m rolls but I believe we can continue to be competitive and offer greater value for money with our designs.  Similarly those that have purchased various tape patterns from us over the past few months would have noticed that they were varying lengths and roll sizes - this is because we have been trialling a number of factories in Japan and China before settling on 'our' manufacturer.  I think you'll be as happy with the quality of print, adhesive and application as I am.

The two Ophelia tapes will shortly be paired with two coordinating 'dotty' patterns. It is my plan to have all of our tapes match or coordinate with simple patterns and plains to create easy to use sets at a bulk-buy price.

Sawyer's Place washi tapes are available for wholesale - does your local scrap shop have washi tape? Why not? Retailers can contact me at with any enquiries.


  1. These sure looks good, back/white always stunning, just know it is gonna go quick, love it!!
    lotsa luv

  2. mine arrived this morning and i am in love!! ideas and colours for layouts are swirling around in my head already! !!!