Friday, 6 January 2012

More tape's are a-coming!

So I just got word that the next TWO collections are being packaged right now, so delivery should be about 2 weeks.  I've been a little quiet about these next two designs, what with the bustle of the christmas season all around us.  They've been christened Sampson and Bianca. 

Like the name suggests Sampson is a rugged manly mans collection, grey and black and off-road (hint hint) ready for a fight like it's namesake from Romeo & Juliet.  Bianca on the other hand is all-girl.  Like Shakespeare's jealous lover in Othello I think the pretty-in-pink Bianca will give our Ophelia a run for her money!
In more production news we have two collections slated for release in February/March.  Viola, all glamourous in her vintage hues and Duncan...well Duncan I am going to keep under wraps.  Although, if you're a Shakespeare buff you might be able to figure out why I would choose Duncan, but I warn you it's an obscure Macbeth reference for sure!

So all in all the production schedule for the next four collections is well underway.  We also have 9 new Core Line tapes arriving in two weeks so it's busy busy busy in the world of washi!

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