Monday, 14 November 2011

The Industry of Man

In the next few weeks Sawyer's Place will release the second exclusive collection of washi tapes.  Finding a name for this collection has proven difficult, but after tossing and turning I have constantly been drawn to the title character of Titus Andronicus, the most bloody and foul, vengeful of Shakespeare's heroes. The collection is "all man" and industrial in nature, the Roman Empire is certainly indicative of that and Titus is such a strong and evocative name. So Titus it is.

The set is to be made up of two designer patterns and one coordinating stripe. It is my intention in the coming months to develop our range to coordinate with the spots, stripes and plains that everyone has come to love already. Allowing you to easily mix and match your tapes in any given project.

So all of those with boys in your life of any age that have been crying out for something "manly" I think you're going to really love Titus - I know I already do and they're not even here yet.

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